So when it came time to create the "About" section I naturally assumed it was an "About ME" section, because I'm a narcissist. Then I realized it was a page to describe what this site is about, not what I'm about. But I'm a man of the people, I know what they want, and they want both an about AND an about me. What kind of monster would I be to deprive them of what they so longingly crave? So without further ado...

Hey all, my name is Spenser. I'm 6'3 and currently out of shape. If I were to post a 'before and after' picture some questions might form in your mind, questions similar but not restricted to, "why would he let himself go like that?" and "will he ever feel the touch of a woman again?". The answer to your first question is a laundry list of things filled with words like "donuts" and "cupcakes", while the answer to your second question can be answered by a simple probz not...but maybz? What can I say, hopeless romantic! 

As far as this blog is concerned, it's just a place to discover and discuss new music. I don't really lean heavily in any direction when it comes to what I listen to, I just try and listen to everything I can get my hands on and go from there. Each week I'll post mini reviews of the albums, EP's, and singles I listen to.

"Wait, Spenser...are you telling me that tons of new music is released EVERY week?!"

Yes faithful reader who is telling their friends about this blog as we speak, I am. Now, I'll admit, my infinite consumption of music does grant me some pretty cool perks...exclusive parties, celebrity status, women constantly fawning over me, but it has it's downsides too. Listening to so much can sometimes spread me a little thin, meaning that even though I may listen to the album I may not give it the time it deserves to recognize its greatness. So if you feel I've overlooked something or even worse completely missed an album altogether please comment and let me know. Just as I like sharing music with you, I'd love it if you shared music with me. Cheers!