This one is only on here by chance as I clicked on them with the artist Little Boots in mind (who also released an album, Working Girl, earlier this year). To my surprise, and my enjoyment, it was something new! After listening to the first couple songs I realized I’d heard them before, they featured on “Early”, a track from Run The Jewels’ second record, and my favorite hip hop album of 2014 Run The Jewels 2. So I decided to give it a run. The album is their full length debut and overall it’s pretty solid. The style is a mixture between industrial and heavy electronic tones, which makes it chaotic and noisy but at the same time never loud. I honestly can’t think of another artist to compare them to, at times I hear glimpses of Kasabian. I don’t know, honestly that is such a stretch, they really don’t sound like anyone, which is pretty cool. After one listen through I didn’t really know how to feel so I waited a day and listened through again and liked some songs better but other songs not as much. Though it maintains a nice consistency it also straddles the line of being repetitive, which is obviously not uncommon for a first record. All in all it’s solid, though there’s much improving to do. I’m interested to see where they take their sound from here. Check out “C.U.R.E.” and let it play into the moody “Oracles” to get a feel for their sound, but my favorites on the album are “I Run Roulette” and the title track “AQUARIA”.