Mutemath - Vitals (B)

To be completely honest I kind of got lost in this album the first time around. Everything seemed to blend and I didn’t really retain much on a song to song basis, only that I really enjoyed the album. It was only during my second listen I started to realize why, thanks to spacey tracks like, “All I See” flowing into the instrumental, “Vital” it was easy to see they made this album with the goal of fluidity from top to bottom. I’ll be upfront and say that outside of their singles I have never put too much time into Mutemath, so from a comparison standpoint I don’t have a credible input. Having said that, this album is making me regret it. Their last LP, Odd Soul, was released back in 2011 so they’ve had ample time to perfect their sound and their intentions with Vitals. It’s airy, catchy, deep, and engaging. Now on my fourth listen through I’m getting the idea that this may be a sneaky entry into my year end favorites. I like it that much. It’s greatness creeps up on you as no one song stands out but at the same time I find myself checking which song I’m listening to every time the track changes. That’s the mark of a complete album, when no song stands out because the entire thing is at that level. I’m texting friends as I write this to listen, which I haven’t done for any other albums this November. I’d describe their style here as a more subdued alt. pop, though they do have the occasional dance tracks like, “Best Of Intentions” or the opener, “Joy Rides”. Ultimately their strength is in tracks like “Remain” whose slow build draws you in and doesn’t let go. Get on this one. It’s one of the best I’ve heard this year.