Alessia Clara - Know-It-All (C+)

Though not similar musically, the vibe I get from Alessia reminds me of when The Neighbourhood first came on the scene. Though not dark in the depressing sense, it gives me the feel of music I’d prefer to listen to during an overcast day, which makes it fitting that it’s was released in the Fall. The album is relaxed and her voice, though strong, always stays within a certain boundary. It’s actually refreshing to hear a pop artist (is she a pop artist?) take a more casual approach, letting her lyrics and music do the talking. Whether she’s taking a hip hop approach like on the track “Four Pink Walls”, or spinning a retro vibe with “Outlaws”, or keeping it intimate with “Stone” it never feels forced. It’s clear she has a very bright future ahead of her. One negative I have here, and this is similar to a lot of artists today, is that half of this album was released as an EP earlier this year, making only half of the album something new. It makes the full album seem slightly out of sync. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the release of one or two singles and then the rest of it be a surprise upon release. Ellie Goulding released four or five tracks prior to her album, and Troy Sivan, who’s album has yet to be released, put out a six song EP and three additional singles, all of which will most likely be on his debut LP. It’s like a trailer for a movie that shows too much. It takes a punch out of the anticipation and removes the mystery. Rant rant rant (*shakes fist at sky*). That being said, this is a solid first album from a girl who will no doubt be around for quite awhile.