Devon Baldwin - Lungs EP

I love EPs. It’s just a sample size of the artist's work so it doesn’t take long to get through. And if they’re legitimate then every single song is good so it's easy to loop. If an artist can’t make a solid EP, which usually consists of four to seven songs, then good luck with your career because that full album is going to be ROUGH. Lucky for us Devon seems to know what she’s doing. She’s put out something unique in a genre that seems to be overflowing with artists lately. Dark-ish, sexy dream pop has really taken flight the last few years and for the most part all the artists who do it well also do it differently, which is good for us as listeners. Sometimes I get the sense that attractive girls with average voices are just saying “I can do that” but in their defense a lot of them are REALLY GOOD so honestly, I’m not complaining. I made two mixes lately with purely women artists and the one titled Who Run The World (Part 1) is all in the style I just described. You can find it in my ‘Mixes’ section (self promotion AND artist promotion, synergy <3). I got a bit sidetracked but really my message is simple, Dev’s EP is cool and engaging. Her more upbeat tracks like the Skizzy Mars featured "Knock You Down" still maintain her solemn approach, never getting too loud. And slow tracks like "Right Here" have an intimacy and simplicity that isn't easy to do. Check this out, see what you think. And if you like this immediately go check out Kaleida's EP Think, the title track is one of best songs I've heard all year. Actually I'll include that song below too. Yah welcome.