Logic - The Incredible True Story (B-)

Welp. It’s official. Logic is my favorite rapper out right now. Hands down. His flow, his lyricism, his wordplay, energy, production. I LOVE IT. I should tone it down, I know. It was the all caps wasn’t it? It was. Got it. But on the real this album is huge and a big step forward for him as an artist. While I’ll need a few more listens to know if it’s my favorite hip hop album this year, it definitely has potential.  After two great mixtapes (which you can grab for free here http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/logic/mixtapes/) it was time for him to prove himself on the big stage and Under Pressure was released. He came out guns blazing with game and skill that made him seem seasoned. I was obsessed. With this release he knows he’s already made a name for himself and it allows him to delve into a more unique vision.

In The Incredible True Story he does a sort of futuristic sequel to his first album. It’s set way in the future with two space explorers listening to the “album that changed everything” and also sharing conversations of things pertaining to earth and life as it used to exist. While I love the concept album, this one falls a little short in that aspect. Because of the setup of people listening to it in the future the music itself doesn’t need to have anything to do with the outside story the album presents. And if that’s the case then why have the outside story? Honestly I’m nitpicking here as it didn’t bother me at all while listening and I genuinely enjoyed the explorers revelation upon landing at the end of the final track. As far as the music goes, he seems looser and more on fire then ever. His flow is so easy and natural it’s impossible not to get drawn in instantly. As with his first album, there isn't a track on here I don’t like. He honestly is THAT good. I realize that music is subjective and while you may not love him as much as I do I find it impossible for you to dismiss him if you’re a fan of hip hop at all. My favorite tracks on the album are “Young Jesus”, “Lord Willin”, “City of Stars”, and “Paradise”. Those songs should give you a gateway if you haven’t heard him and want to sample.