Little Mix - Get Weird (B-)

I’ve mentioned I love pop music right? For all it’s faults at the end of the day sometimes I just crave a good ballad or catchy single. In addition to that confession comes another one, ever since their Jason Derulo cover on BBC’s Radio 1 ( *song starts at 1:24*) I’ve been more than a casual listener. Trust me, they’re badass! I feel like if you listen to the radio then you know who they are and if you’ve heard their singles then you know their sound. I will say as far as girl bands go, in the realm of pop, I think they’re hands down the most talented. Vocally they all mesh but I think you might be surprised by the strength of each girl individually. Something you probably won’t be surprised by is that they’re all beautiful, which is never a bad thing. Get Weird is their third album and easily their best and most consistent (yes, I listened to them all…sup) and will no doubt result in them getting more, and well deserved, acclaim. I feel like this review isn’t going to push anyone in their direction as those who will listen were going to before I wrote this and for those who weren’t going to listen...still won’t. But I challenge you to listen to a song and then decide if you want more! One song is all I ask! I’ll even give you a choice, if you’re the ballad type check out “I Love You” but if you’re looking for something to get you moving then hit up “Grown”. If you’ve got a little more time then also listen to “A.D.I.D.A.S.” and “Love Me Like You”. Ok I’ll stop now.