Kishi Bashi - String Quartet Live (B+)

You know those artists where their music just makes you smile? You can’t contain it, it’s so inviting, so beautiful, almost addictive? Kishi Bashi is that for me. Lyrically he’s funny, wondrous, and off the wall. Musically it’s sweeping, inventive, and melodious. Though he’s got only two LPs under his belt I would say that he’s one top 10 favorite artists working today. This album is a live recording that he did with a string quartet in addition to his backing band which adds even more depth and weight to his already lush sound. It being a live album you get to hear tracks from both his albums making it the perfect introduction if you’re unfamiliar with him. The albums flows flawlessly and soars when the quartet takes over, most notably on the final track “In Fantasia”. Honestly I could choose any song on this record and you’d be hit with the same effect. In addition to a single I’ll include a video of one of his performances. It’s one thing to hear him, but to see his passion and energy while performing is something else. It’s artists like him that make me excited for the future of music, genius stuff. If he’s in your area don’t hesitate to get a ticket!! (The video is during his visit to Seattle based station KEXP)