The Japanese House - Clean EP (B-)

Put it on when you need quiet. It’s as simple as that. They released an EP earlier this year (Pools To Bathe In) with the same effect. Music like this never lets me down. It’s welcome in any mood as I can just throw it on and relax. It asks nothing of me and provides a soothing atmosphere to think, write, read, etc. Case in point, most times when I’m writing an album review I listen to classical music for the sole reason that the actual artists music makes it hard to concentrate. For this review (and a few others) I just listened to their two EPs. Not to say their music isn’t involving, I wouldn’t put it on in the first place if it didn’t carry appeal, it just makes me feel good without having to think. It’s hard to say where this band will be a few years from now, so often artists like this fall through the cracks, but for the sake of my mental state I hope they continue making music for at least a little longer. It’s upbeat without being loud, poppy without the repetition, and soothing without being boring. With only four songs on the EP it seems kind of odd to include a single as the entire listen will only take you 15 minutes but whatever. I get it, you're lazy. You want a single?! You got it! I live to please you!