Punch Brothers - The Wireless EP (B)

I must have done something very right because I've just received a gift from the heavens. Punch Brothers, who already released what is, in my opinion, one of the all time great albums earlier this year, have blessed us with more music. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised as they did this in 2012 as well (Who's Feeling Young Now followed by the Ahoy! EP), but that doesn't make me any less excited!! What's incredible is that this EP has a different feel than their album, instead of a more-of-the-same approach, they've once again provided us with something new to love and to hold. Though only five songs it's packed with beauty, humor, complexity, insight, and artistry. From the alluring opening track "In Wonder" to the simple closer "Clementine" it's easy to get wrapped up in. I mentioned in my Top 15 post that Punch Brothers are my favorite band and with every new release they cement that declaration. They are constantly evolving and astounding and doing it with depth and heart. Gorgeous stuff. My favorite track here might be the instrumental "No More. Yet" but I'm posting the previously mentioned "In Wonder". Wait for that build at the end. Gorgeous stuff.