Hinds - Leave Me Alone (C+)

Leave Me Alone is the debut album from all girl quartet Hinds. Whoever thought four girls from Madrid would be putting out quality grungy, unpolished, So Cal beach rock and then on top of that get noticed by a few London publications of all places, leading to a signing with British label Lucky Number Music. However unlikely it may sound, it happened. I’ll preface by saying that the garage rock sound has never greatly appealed to me. While I’m not always looking for a crisp, glossy sound, it’s bands like Beach House, with their dreamy vibe, or Tennis, who sport a classic retro-pop feel, that I prefer when it comes to surf rock. The rawness here works both for and against Hinds. At times it's charming, perfectly encapsulating the romanticism and laid back lifestyle of the beach scene. On the other hand, the sharpness of the vocals or seeming lack of production pull me right back out of it. It’s rare when a groups first full outing is smooth sailing (pun intended...?) but it’s a good start. Their harmonies and simplistic approach are the sell here. This album is about melodic pleasures, feeling the ocean breeze, and having a good time. I will say that with each listen through it grew on me a little more.

Check out the instrumental “Solar” into “Chili Town” for my favorite one-two punch, though my favorite track has got to be “I’ll Be Your Man”, which I’ll post below.