Adele - 25 (B-)

There really isn't much to say here. You all already listen to her, you already LIKE her. Having said that, biting my tongue was never my strong suit so here we go. It's easy to overhype albums like this, expect too much. Her second album was a worldwide phenomenon making her larger than life, couple that with her four year hiatus and there was a lot of pressure to deliver. With that in mind I'm happy to announce that this album is spectacular. She truly is in a league of her own and doesn't take it for granted. One of my favorite things is that she keeps her albums simple in terms of content. In my opinion 10 to 12 songs is the perfect length of an album (concept albums excluded), of course there are plenty of exceptions to this but it still remains my personal preference. Not too long, not too short. Adele has stayed within those boundaries again (11 tracks) and by doing so continued her tradition of no misfires. Now of course you're going to have songs you prefer but it's always a pleasant surprise when you don't feel the need to skip any, and thats the case here. This is probably my favorite album of hers (or should I spell it favourite because she's British?), second being her first, 19. I loved the care free lightness combined with the tenderhearted emotion. I enjoyed the second quite a bit but it was a much heavier approach. This album still carries weight but it also seems to have more peace within the sadness and I think that makes for a beautiful exploration. She has a way of connecting that few artists do. Her talent seems to know no bounds and this record will be in rotation for quite some time. My favorite tracks are the drum heavy "I Miss You", the catchy pop anthems "Water Under The Bridge", "River Lea", but I think my favorite song is the subtle and heartbreaking  "Million Years Ago". But it doesn't matter what I like, you won't be skipping through this one.