Lizzo - Big Grrrl Small World (B)

I'll be honest, women in rap are very hit or miss with me. Based on singles alone, there are quite a few who I'm a fan of but when it comes to full albums they rarely seem to hold up. Over the years there are a number of artists I still go back to (Salt-n-Pepa, Foxy Brown, Gangsta Boo, and Missy Elliot will forever get consistent play) but most come and go. I'm saying this to let you know that when I say I'm obsessed with Lizzo, it's the real deal. Her 2014 album, Lizzobangers, was a debut that couldn't be avoided. Her style and flow were different and all her own. She's strong, smart, empowered, and doesn't try to be something she's not. Too often female rappers try and compete with males as if they need to be on par with them to be respected, rather than just trying to make art that is completely their own, gender be damned! With Big Grrrl Small World she's blown me away. The album, at times, plays like one long piece of music as the songs transition so smoothly, yet each track maintains its own identity. In a year of spectacular hip hop, Lizzo's album has just landed in my top five. After the first listen I was on a monster high and had to listen a few more times before  decided if what I felt was real (literally developing a relationship <3). After the fourth listen I knew this feeling wasn't going away. At 12 tracks coming in at 43 minutes it's the perfect length. If you're a fan of hip hop check this out, put on the opening track "Ain't I" and there's no going back. I had to rework my top 50 post, which I'll be posting tomorrow, to make room for her. She couldn't be more right when she spits, "I swear there should be a support group for men without Lizzo" because without this album that's exactly what I'd need. A perfect example of this album's flow and continuity is "Ride" into "Humanize". The single I chose is "Bother Me" but seriously, every track. Unreal. TUNE IN AND TURN UP.