Goldmund - Sometimes (B)

The initial title of my site was Far Away Places. I once came across a book with that title and fell in love with the statement. It represents those places you often dream of. Places void of worry, of pain. Places filled with beautiful landscapes and built on simple joys. It's albums like this that take me to those three words, to that idea, this "perfect" world. Of course in reality an ideal world would be quite boring, but when you can't seem to escape the ugly that can surround you having a place to retreat to can be your everything in that moment. Music as a whole occupies that place for me. Different tunes for different moods. When I'm feeling low, though, this is where I go. Simple and elegant melodies on the piano with the occasional sound of children or nature in the background, faint but discernible. I'm laying here with my headphones on, staring at the ceiling, every keystroke delivering a whisper of relief as I think of green rolling hills, high grass blowing in the wind, watching the tail end of a sunset. Feeling that breeze, breathing that air. If I could be there right now I would and this album allows me to be, in one form or another. 

You won't be hit the same way I have, you might not even be affected at all, but out there is your sound, that sound just waiting to take you away. Serenity will always be the goal, I hope that you find it.