Daughter - Not To Disappear (B-)

Ultimately, Daughter’s debut album, 2013’s If You Leave, left something to be desired. Keep in mind they were one of my favorite things to come to focus in 2012. She released two EP’s that year (Wild Youth followed by His Young Heart) which were equal parts beautiful and haunting, but because a number of those tracks carried over to their debut it didn’t seem to flow for me. It could have been due to the fact that I played the EP’s so often that hearing the songs in a different order and mixed in with other tracks made it feel choppy. So it was less to do with the music itself, which I clearly loved, and more to do with the presentation. Because of this I’m sure the album played very differently for other people, which is a good thing, because they deserve all the love and praise that one can give. 

Now, I included the above section so that when I tell you this album was a completely different experience, you’ll understand what I mean. This album was a COMPLETELY different experience (and now you feel cool because you’re in the loop, you’re welcome). I’d say that the mood has intensified from their first album and musically, they have expanded, which might be in large part to co-producer Nicolas Vernhes (who’s worked on a few of my favorite albums in the past, most recently The War On Drugs’ Lost In The Dream). The vibe here is very much like the first record, emotional, affecting, honest and ultimately rewarding. It takes you on a journey, albeit not a happy one, but a journey nonetheless. Their pacing and control here is outstanding, the power that comes from their subtitles completely takes you over. The song to song transitions are excellent from a mood standpoint, keeping a great flow throughout. The album stays quiet more than not, so their explosion of sound on tracks like “No Care” were a welcome turn. My favorite two tracks on the album, which play back to back, are “To Belong”, (the guitar riffs during the bridge make me salivate!) and “Fossa”, a seven minute gem, which works in different movements, that takes you away. Give this album a chance, it’s better than I expected, and that’s coming from a fan.