LANY - Make Out (C+)

In continuation with that 80's throwback vibe, this album basically sounds like a combination of artists you've already heard. On top of that it features lyrics like "I'm hella obsessed with your face" and song titles like "BRB / Kiss". Yet, even in the midst of two missteps that pissed me off, I still really liked the vibe here. It's simple, sweet, and rolls along without any hitches or misses. I will say that this exact EP (they don't call it an EP but c'mon, six songs or less is not an album) was done better last year by Barcelona, who's three EP's Love YouLove Me, and Know Love were spectacular. They're not the focus though, back to LANY! This is the second EP they've released this year, the first being I Loved You., which I preferred to this one. All in all if you like their sound then you'll enjoy both EP's and a slew of other artists doing an excellent job with resurrected 80's synth pop. Oddly enough the single I'm using here is "BRB / Kiss", which is a two part track like the title suggests. Great stuff. Also, I'll include a Barcelona track so you don't have to search for it because I know you wanted too. Stop pretending like we don't know each other! Also could I have said "EP" more in this review? I need to cool it. AND I WILL.