Mree - Empty Nest (A-)

I don’t even know where to start. Very few artists have influenced me, my writing, my mood, my being, over the past few years like Mree has. It’s obvious I consume a lot of music, so I will say that it’s rare when an artist hooks me instantly, but from the very first track on her sophomore album, Winterwell, I knew that it was going to be important. It went on to be my third favorite album that year behind only Janelle Monáe’s The Electric Lady and the Run The Jewels' self titled debut. In reality I see the three albums as equals, due to the fact that, stylistically, none of them can be compared and they all meant something to me in completely different ways. Though I will say that it's Mree I have returned to the most. There are maybe a handful of albums that have become a staple in my life and Winterwell is one of them. I'm happy to report that we might be adding her new release to the list, only time will tell!

With Empty Nest she has continued exploring and perfecting her sound. She splits time between her full voice and an airy yet prominent falsetto, flowing in and out of simple melodies and complex harmonies like nothing (Brian Wilson has an heir!). The fact that someone has, by her early 20's, not only envisioned and executed such a mature and luscious sound but has done it largely through self production blows my mind. Her talent truly knows no bounds. In Winterwell her approach veered more towards a sadder tone and though that still exists here, there is also a lighter side at play, leading to a perfect balance. It’s a weird feeling, knowing you’re experiencing something that you will love for many years to come. Simply put, I am in awe. Her music speaks to me in a way that has me entranced, no matter how many times I hear it. It’s rare, to have an album or artist take you to another place, when a sound tunes in to your very specific tastes and triggers all your senses. Hearing this, hearing music like this, is the sole reason I listen to so much. I am always in search of that alternate reality, that dreamlike state, allowing you to exist in your own world. However fleeting it may be it is always something I cherish. She allows me to feel, more specifically she makes me feel; makes me feel all the things that make this life so beautiful. Even as she explores darkness there is warmth in it's honesty. Listen to this. Let it in. I'm linking the entire album, my heart won't allow anything less.