The Frights - You Are Going To Hate This (C+)

I’ll start by saying that this album wasn’t even on my radar. I hate to admit it, but I somehow missed both their 2013 self titled debut AND their 2014 collaboration EP with fellow Southern California rockers Death Lens, DeathFrights. You Are Going to Hate This made me regret that in a big way. After my initial listen I planned to go back and listen to their other records to gain a little perspective on their progression but every time I ended up going straight to You Are Going to Hate This. I can’t stop listening! The album is loud, dirty, and fun. From the opening track, “All I Need” I knew I was going to be in for the long haul (if 33 minutes can be considered a “long haul”). Their surf-punk / doo-wop blend is the best I’ve heard in awhile, and being a California boy that brand of music is something that I’m forever going to love. Where they set themselves apart from other artists in the same realm is through the control they exhibit when tackling both mediums. It’s perfect: knowing when to get loud, when to cool down, and when to combine the the two. It’s easy for me to feel overwhelmed with the surf-punk style when the band lacks the ability to recognize when it’s time to bring the noise to a halt, letting the listener rest their ears for a song or two. That may be why I’m so enthralled with this record. Its ups and downs flow so seamlessly, one minute you’re raging, the next minute you’re floating, and despite the stark transitions you never feel like you’re getting jerked around. That flow is executed perfectly during a three song stretch in the middle of the album. Starting with my favorite track, the upbeat and fun “Tungs,” you’re then hit with the relaxed and dreamy “Haunted,” which is followed by the fiery punk track “You or Me.” All three tracks are completely different yet they complement each other perfectly. That’s this album in a nutshell. It represents that youthful spark, the carefree “fuck it” attitude where the only things that matter are girls, rebelling, having fun, and…girls. Responsibility be damned! 

My apologies to The Frights for not getting on board sooner, especially since they’re a Southern California group! I could have been jamming with them up and down the coast for the last few years! It’s ok though, I’m here now, and that’s all that matters. The track I chose for the single is the previously mentioned “Tungs.” You’re gonna love it. Go go go.