The Walters - Young Men

Given recent events I had to turn my brain off for a few days. When I revived myself I was happy to see that two of the albums I had on my queue were of the surf rock variety. Easy, uncomplicated listening sounds like just what I need. Young Men was one of the late December releases I didn’t get to during the holidays, so while it’s technically not a January release, it’s close enough! This is actually a perfect compare and contrast opportunity between this album and the album I reviewed above, Hinds’ Leave Me Alone. I spoke that the grungy, raw approach to the genre has always been hit or miss with me, while mentioning a few other bands whose coastal tunes were more my style. The Walters fits into the latter. Breezy, light, and harmonious, they take me where I want to go and let me groove and drift. Music like this is only as strong as the atmosphere it creates, relying on vibes and feel to get you through. Though they often are caught lamenting bad relationships and wrong doings the presentation keeps you at ease. Much like their 2014 release, Songs For Dads, this album is short and sweet. I’m curious to see if they’ll ever make a true full length or are contented with keeping things simple. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter to me, so why don’t we grab a few beers and a blanket and head over to your favorite sandy spot and let their sound rock us into the night.