Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood (B-)

Despite my distaste for artists releasing half their album through singles (and I mean that quite literally, Troye released EIGHT of 16 songs from his deluxe version as singles) I've got nothing but nice things to say here. At only 20 years old Troye has released an extremely polished album, both musically and lyrically. To put it into context, when I was 20 I was struggling to find the energy to attend my local community college. BUT LOOK AT ME NOW! He weaves in and out of love and sorrow with poise and insight and though he maintains a constant sound, it never becomes old. His voice is quiet but articulate, he feels what he's singing and he makes you aware of it. His 2014 EP TRXYE had me hooked after the first listen and everything he's followed it up with has had my ear as well. One of the reasons I think this turned out so well is because he had a clear vision in terms of what he wanted to accomplish. All too often a young artists wants to display all their talents, tackle multiple genres, show their range; I've always been much more impressed in young artists who turn in a mature effort, a complete album front to back. It shows confidence in themselves as artists and patience with their craft, which, if afforded, is the best thing an you can do. His music is airy and calming, even at it's loudest it doesn't set you off. I love that. There's plenty to dig here and I hope you give the entire album a listen through, easily one of the top five debuts this year. Honestly, pick a song any song and you'll know if you like his sound or not but one of my favorites is "Quiet" which is posted below.