Important Announcement! Everyone Look At Me!

Order in the COURT! ORRRDAAAAH PLLLLLZ. I have an announcement, so I need your undivided attention. Especially you, Denise. ESPECIALLY YOU. I love music! That much should be evident. And with these reviews I generally focus on the albums that I enjoy (major albums I will review regardless). I think it needs to be stated that yes, I do listen to music I don’t enjoy, and yes, I give it the same amount of time as I would any album, just to see if if there is something I will connect with. The reason I don’t post reviews of those albums is for two reasons: first, this site is a promotion of music that I enjoy and that I want to share. Second, reviews take a decent amount of time for me to write, and with me doing everything it’s hard to find the time for both sides of the spectrum. If I don’t enjoy an album I don’t want to waste my time writing about it when I could spend that time listening and writing about something that I want you to listen to. This explanation has been prompted by a change I want to make for my album reviews. Because I do focus on positives and feature music that appeals to me I could see where it might be hard to differentiate between what I think is good, what I think is great, and what I LOVE. With that in mind, I’ve decided to implement a grading system. That’s it, that was the big announcement. Deep breaths everyone. SO glad we got that over with. Carry on with your day and remember who loves you. It's me, I love you. 

Here's a picture taken right after I told Alice about the site changes. Love how she supports me!