10 Of My Favorite Single Tracks From Film Scores

My main post (My 10 Favorite Film Scores of the Last 20 Years) left a lot of beautiful music by the wayside. While this is still barely cracking the surface I thought it'd be fun to include 10 tracks from other scores that I've enjoyed over the years. I'm not going to do a lengthy writeup of the songs, nor are they in any specific order. Just listen and enjoy!!

Alberto Iglesias - "Me Voy a Morir de Tanto Amor" (from Lucía y el Sexo)

Gorgeous, simple, and elegant. If only the rest of the film's score sounded like anything close to this. Seriously. With the exception of the track I posted being reprised ("Fotos", "Lucía") the rest of the score is fairly dark, brooding, and lacks melodyGreat for the film, but doesn't make for a good casual listen. 

Andrew Hollander - "Pie In The Sky" (from Waitress)

So light and loving. This is the sound I'd love to wake up to every morning, full of comfort and warmth. Also, Sara Bareilles has developed a musical of the film and released a sampler of the songs she wrote for it. It's excellent and worth your time. I'll include it below, listen!

Alexandre Desplat - "Postcards" (from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Desplat is one of the industry giants when it comes to film composers, so it's no surprise I have one of his tracks listed here. This score as a whole is spectacular and narrowly missed my list of favorites. "Postcards", despite coming across as melancholy, always gave me a sense of wonder and magic. Subtle and affecting is the name of the game here. 

Raphaël Beau - "Diabolique" (from Micmacs)

The score for Micmacs just missed my Top 10 Film Scores (it made the Top 11! First runner up!). Wonderfully inventive and very French, the entire score's unique approach can be understood in this opening track. The film itself is centered around a man who finds himself banning with a group of inventive junkyard dealers to take down two weapons manufacturers who have ruined his life. One thing Raphael does that I love is incorporate sounds of machines in his music, to reflect the junkyard setting. Brilliant! Also, with the films leading character being a lover of classic films, legendary composer Max Steiner's old scores were incorporated into the film as well.  

A.R. Rahman - "Latika's Theme" (from Slumdog Millionaire)

This soundtrack is spectacular and showed the world the talent of A.R. Rahman who, up until this point, had been operating under the radar despite being in the industry for many years. This song perfectly complements the dreaminess of love and the relaxed warmth that accompanies the feeling.

Javier Navarrete - "Long, Long Time Ago" (from Pan's Labyrinth)

The beauty here is how Navarrete combines all the magic and wonder of director Del Toro's fairytale with the uneasiness and darkness that represents the reality of the situation. One of my favorite scores and one that narrowly missed my top 10 of all time. 

Dan Tun - "Eternal Vow" (from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

Academy Award winning score!! And one that is well deserved. Accompanied by musicians Yo-Yo Ma and Chen Xie Yang, this moving piece is easily the most affecting on the album. This is one score that magnifies the beauty of the film and its location. I dare you not to get swept up here, this is the sound of passion and love. 

Clint Mansell - "Becoming..." (from Stoker)

THIS SONG. Though Clint Mansell's most notable work is from The Fountain and Requiem For A Dream, it's his score for Stoker that I think rises above the rest. This song is ridiculous, coming through in three movements: starting off intensely before calming into a simple piano medley which builds and slows before opening up into a magnificent finish that I can only liken to light shining through the clouds at the end of a storm. Brilliant. 

Carter Burwell - "Medieval Waters" (from In Bruges)

Melodic and melancholy. This represents the perfect depiction of loneliness and the isolation you can sometimes feel despite being surrounded by people. I realize how depressing this sounds but this is not a permanent state of being, there is so much discovery and insight you can gain from this mood and the weight of that should not be overlooked. 

John Murphy - "Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)" (from Sunshine)

You may have heard this more than once as it's been used in multiple films (and to spectacular effect in Kick-Ass), but originally it was composed for Sunshine. This is one of the most beautiful scenes in one of the best (and most underrated) films of all time. The execution of the build is stunning, sweeping you up and trapping you in it's sound until its abrupt finish.

Bonus: Thomas Newman - "Road To Chicago" (from Road To Perdition)

Because I'm trying to recognize as many composers as possible I didn't want to use a composer that was featured in my Top 10 Film Scores post, but I love this score too much not to recognize it. My second favorite score from Newman, accompanying one of my favorite films of all time. This song impressive in its ability to capture different moods, despite being relatively short (just over three minutes), and Newman's choice to climax at the halfway point and letting finish the song softly is just genius.