Apologies Are In Order // I'm Not Dead

SITE UPDATE. It's become a necessity at this point; if only to let you know that you haven’t been abandoned, ye loyal subjects. You may or may not have noticed (hope you did) that I’ve been largely absent from the site the last two months. Other than posting new singles, and even that has been sparse, I have been non-existent, neglectful of both album reviews and blog posts. It’s been a hectic past few months. And while I haven’t given up constant consumption of sound, it has been extremely condensed compared to my normal scope. This has been somewhat intentional though, as I’ve been both contented and transfixed with a handful of albums and a myriad of singles that I just can’t seem to pull myself away from. In addition to that, every time I sat down to write, I found myself just sitting back and listening. All the words I put to page (typed to screen*?) seemed forced, and while what I was writing was genuine, it didn’t read genuine, and it didn’t feel genuine. It bugged me. So I continued to listen, over and over and over again, hoping that eventually my thoughts would transition into something poetic, or even just something interesting. Unfortunately, neither of those things came to fruition, so I continued to do what had developed into a habit, I kept listening. This isn’t to say I wasn’t inspired. Chance’s Coloring Book is, and I think many listeners would agree, the best album of the year (so far). It inspired me to live, to go, to do. Radiohead’s beautiful and haunting A Moon Shaped Pool forced me to think, the musical Waitress has given me hours of simple joy, Max Richter’s take on Vivaldi’s classic The Four Seasons gives me serenity and the gift of staying composed; the list goes on. The one thing all of these records have in common, they didn’t inspire me to write. I didn’t feel compelled to talk about them, but rather let them affect me in their specific way, and existing with what came from that. But the cure for any slump is to keep doing said activity until it comes back to feeling natural, and that’s what this is, if I don’t start writing now I’ll fall heavily out of practice and we don’t want that…do we…seriously, you want me to keep doing this right? Just kidding you have no power over me I will do this forever God is in control <3.

In fact, this gave me an idea. Considering I save the blog portion of this site for big posts, which have been inconsistent to say the least, I feel like it’s time to become more reliable, so I’ve decided to do a ‘what I’ve been listening to this week’ post at the end of each…wait for it…WEEK *heavily exhales.* I’ll save it for Sunday nights so it will include what I listened to during the week, both new and old, as well as mention new releases that come out each Friday so you can check them out before I fully form my own opinion (review it). Then when I talk about it you can write me saying, “Spenser, why does your taste suck? Follow up question, I don’t like you.” And I’ll politely respond by thanking you for the public criticism because it definitely made me feel a lot better about not having a job. 

Basically I just wanted to apologize for not writing this sooner, and to let you know that I still exist and that I intend to be extremely active from here on out. I’d also like to thank those of you who have continually checked the site and hopefully your patience with me will be rewarded. I'll leave you with one of my favorite albums of all time, it's from all the way back in 2012 and is one that ZERO PEOPLE LISTEN TOO. Why? I can't say. Join me. Listen. Love Zach. Oh and here's another picture of Alice Eve. Cherish her. Talk you all soon.