Outside Lands 2016: Artist Breakdown (Sunday)

The final day! This day is my most laid back of the three. All I truly (madly, deeply) care about is Chance's set. And The Muppets. Definitely The Muppets. Cloves too, while we're at it. Outside of them it's relatively casual, but that's how I like my Sundays. 

In case you're just joining us, I've been posting a complete breakdown of all performers at this year's Outside Lands festival. It's so those of you attending can familiarize yourselves with artists and create a schedule from it. Those of you who aren't, it's still a way to get in touch with the music scene and maybe find some new artists to listen to. If you didn't check out my first two posts, I'll drop them below!

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Everyone caught up? Good. Good good good. Here we go.


Kamasi Washington // (12:00-12:45) // The Los Angeles born saxophonist put together one of the most ambitious records of 2015, the accurately titled, The Epic. A three movement progressive jazz album that will take you on a JOURNEY. This guy is special. Check him out.  

Heron Oblivion // (12:00-12:40) // Their first and only release, a self titled LP, came out this past March. Their melancholy rock can be just as tranquil as it is hard hitting. The opening track, “Beneath Fields”, gives us a masterful build, starting slowly and ending in an explosion of sound. The steady drums, heavy bass, piercing guitar, and angelic, yet haunting vocals from Meg Baird make this quartet one to keep an eye on. 

Frances // (12:05-12:50) // Soothing vocals with an uplifting pop sound sounds like a nice way for my ears to spend an afternoon. Frances released two quality EPs in 2015, Grow and Let It Out, and has followed those up with a string of solid singles. My favorite of which is the ballad “Don’t Worry About Me.”

Natalia Lafourcade // (12:40-1:20) // Having success in both solo and group formats, Natalia has proven she has the ability to create great music no matter the set up. She crafted one of my favorite international releases last year, Hasta la Raíz. Her soft approach to the pop/ rock genre has garnered her quite a bit of success around the world, but mainly in Latin America (she was born in Mexico). Here’s my favorite song from the record. 

Oh Wonder // (1:15-2:00) // Having sold out shows before actually releasing an EP or LP should speak to the groups talent. Their contemplative, relaxed R&B tinged sound, was welcome to just about anyone who listened, so it’s no surprise their self titled debut blew up. Should be a good show, however I’ll be at the next artists set…

Since I'm sure many of you are familiar with their singles, here's the cover of Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love." So smooth.  

Cloves // (1:20-2:00) // I’ll be here. Definitely. She put out one of my favorite songs of 2015, the intimate and melodic “Frail Love.” The track is the opener of the excellent debut EP, XIII, and her only release to date. She’s got a 40 minute set to fill, so she’s bound to play a handful of unreleased music. Her simplistic approach makes it easy to hear the raw talent she possesses. I can’t wait. 

The Oh Hellos // (1:20-2:05) // Their folky/ bluegrass heavy 2015 record Dear Wormwood accompanied me on a camping trip soon after it’s release and I loved it, but for whatever reason I never revisited it. Putting it back on now and hearing the rousing chants, singable melodies, dreamy harmonies, thoughtful lyrics...it sounds like a really nice time! I might have to split my time between them and Cloves now that I think about it. 

Snakehips // (2:00-2:45) // After crafting some of the more memorable remixes of the last few years, they decided to drop a few originals, most notably the world wide hit “All My Friends,” which has garnered them quite a bit of fame. The DJ duo should have no problem getting fans to their set (especially because there’s no one else during their slot, odd) and providing ample entertainment. Here's their latest single.

The Muppets’ Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem // (2:30-2:55) // It’s exactly what you think it will be and will be as awesome or lame as you think it will be. I dig the Muppets, I’m in the ‘awesome’ corner. And you will be too after you watch this video. 

Jack Garratt // (2:35-3:25) // Jack’s had himself a good year. His debut LP Phase has blown up and he’s experienced a healthy string of sell out shows because of it. His down tempo electro-R&B production with his soft falsetto is relaxing to say the least. Should be a nice time to lay down and lose yourself. 

Hælos // (2:45-3:25) // Earlier this year they dropped their debut LP, Full Circle, and it’s GOOD. Think The xx + Moby and you’ll have an idea of what this UK trio is like. This is the show I’ll be attending, unfortunately the set isn’t long enough for them to play their album in full, but any cuts will be enough. This will be one of the best shows Sunday. 

Third Eye Blind // (3:25-4:25) // If you lived in the 90’s you know Third Eye Blind. They had some of the most memorable hits of the decade and the crowd will be ready for some supreme nostalgia. However, part of me wants them to only perform songs from their 2015 release Dopamine and see how people react. I ain’t scared. I’ll listen. You know all the hits, here's a new single.

Kehlani // (3:30-4:20) // Her 2016 singles have been good, keeping her style intact after blowing up following last years breakout release, You Should Be Here. Combining pop, R&B, and hip hop, and giving you an incredibly honest portrait of her life is what brought people in, but it’s her versatility that will keep them around.  

Brandi Carlile // (3:55-4:45) // I put her song “The Story” (from the album of the same title) on so many mixes after it was released, but that was back in 2007, and to be honest I haven’t listened to any of her albums since…so…give me a second. Ok, I’m back. Good news, it appears she’s still got it. Lead single off last years effort, The Firewatcher’s Daughter, the rousing “Things I Regret” is good, and the album is on par with it. However, it’s not good enough to pull me away from standing and waiting to see Chance. I think the majority would agree. Sorry Brandi.

DIIV // (4:20-5:00) // Their strong and confusingly titled sophomore LP Is the Is Are feels like part 80’s throwback, part cool beach rock. It’s nice, and an improvement from their uneven first record, Oshin. Although I’d still rather just stand and wait for Chance…

Here's the lead single off Is the Is Are.

Chance The Rapper // (4:55-5:55) // Get ready. Not only is his album the best of the year so far, he’s got a style that you KNOW translates well to the live show. His passion and energy bleed from the record, and I can’t wait to experience his gospel infused hip hop with thousands of other fans. Easily one of the biggest draws of the weekend. This show will be gold. I may or may not be seeing him a couple more times in October... 

GRiZ // (5:05-5:55) // If you don’t go to Chance, this is your best alternative. GRiZ’s soulful and funky is not only addicting but uplifting. I’ve seen him multiple times and he knows how to put on a SHOW. This set will be an absolute party and I’m bummed I have to miss it. Maybe someone will record it?

Jason Isbell // (5:15-6:05) // People dig this guy, and I get it, but he’s enough for me. Sometimes I think I could get into his poetic country-rock sound, but then I fall back into the “this is bland” mindset. Some of his more intimate songs are good, but ultimately it just isn’t my style. 

RÜFÜS DU SOL // (5:55-6:35) // Dance dance dance. If you’re on a high from Chance and can’t wait the full half hour for Major Lazer to start and get your body moving then head here. His 2016 release Bloom is smooth and lively and will make for a nice interlude into whatever you head to next. 

Major Lazer // (6:25-7:25) // THIS will be a party. The three headed dragon of Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire are what make up this entity, and they’ve been killing it since their inception back in 2008, but it was last years’ Peace Is The Mission that saw to their explosion. I’m excited.  

Ryan Adams And The Shining // (6:35-7:50) // Ryan Adams has been doing his thing for awhile now, so it’s crazy to think that his best work is yet to come, but that’s how I felt after listening to his latest release, 2016’s Heartbreaker. Accompanied by his new-ish backing band, the incredibly talented The Shining, he seems to have found new life in his art, both musically and lyrically. Depending on how I feel post-Chance, I’ll have a decision to make, dance with Major Lazer or sit back and contemplate with Ryan Adams. Can’t go wrong either way.  

Miguel // (6:40-7:40) // Despite loving last years’ amazing Wildheart, I won’t be able to make it to this show. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Miguel might be the best that R&B has to offer right now. His music grows in scope with each album but never overwhelms you. He hones in different sounds and genres without making them seem forced. This guy's legit. Did I just talk myself into skipping Major Lazer AND Ryan Adams? Maybe. 

Lettuce // (7:40-8:30) // This lively NY funk outfit has been around since the early 2000’s and while most of the members have experienced individual success with other bands and artists, they always come back for more. I’m not much of a funk guy, but fans of the band will say there are few who do it better live. 

Lionel Richie // (8:05-9:35) // Sorry to disappoint, but Lionel just doesn’t do it for me. You know his albums, you know his hits, either you’re in or your out. You know how when you hear his song “Hello,” and ask yourself,’ who in the world DOESN’T enjoy this song?!’ The answer is me. I’m that guy. Can’t stand it. Have fun at the show.

If it makes you feel any better, I do like "Endless Love."

Lana Del Ray // (8:25-9:35) // Genuinely enjoy her music, classic meets modern, sexy and nostalgic. It’s easy to enjoy. However, unless everyone is planning on laying down on the grass together and dreaming the hour away I don’t know if I’ll appreciate her festival closing set. It just isn't the way I wanted to go out. Now, maybe I’m wrong, I’d love to be, but she has three songs to hook me, or I’m heading back to Brian’s apartment to drink. Forever. THREE SONGS LANA!