To most people a mix is just a bunch of songs they like thrown together in a whatever order they happen to fall in. That is not a mix! I repeat NOT A MIX. Just as an album maintains a theme, your mix should too. Songs should compliment and flow into one another. A well crafted mix is tougher than you think, as you're pairing songs that weren't meant to be played with one another. It's just as much an art as anything else, mixes are an extension of yourself. Created to express an emotion, to convey feelings of loss, love, and all the beauty in-between. 

Here's a few I've put together. If you've got the time listen all the way through and see if I did my job right. At the very least you'll get a feel for what I listen to and figure out if I suck or not. Most recent ones start at the top and work their way down. So go on, click play. See what you like. Happy hunting.


Ohayō (P.1)
*Relaxed Morning*

Konnichiwa (P.2)
*Afternoon Nap*

Konbanwa (P.3)
*Night Drive*

Winter Soulstice

What It Is (Front Side)

What It Do (Back Side)

Groove It Or Lose It

A Little Slow, Perhaps

Slow Your Soul

Digits (Side A)


Digits (Side B)

Digits (Hip-Hop)

Digits (Side C)


Popcorn Part Deux!

I Feel Good

Day 'N' Night

Poetic Aesthetic 



El_C: 1

Stoop Kid

Who Run The World (Side 1)


That Day Grind

El_C: 2


It's Fine

Who Run The World (Side 2)

Summer Bruh

Whoever Whatever


Calm Down