December Singles (2015)

Martin Fröst - "La muerte del ángel"

For my last single of the year I'm cheating a little as I'm also reviewing his new album in my...album review section. I'm justifying this double promotion with that fact that I'm sure many of you don't listen to classical music and that I hope this will help you start. He's a wonder on the clarinet but it's the work of the legendary Argentinean composer Ástor Piazzolla that is the star here. It's complex, exhilarating, a bit mischievous, and the perfectly exposes Martin's mastery.

Bibi Bourelly - "Ego"

Essentially she's Alessia Cara 2.0. Though her sound is a more natural, broken down version of Cara's work, also she's a bit less...censored as well. She has an eclectic taste in music and I'm curious to see how that translates in to her own sound when she tackles her debut album. Either way, it's a nice start with this single already off to a hot start.  

Classic Luvanga - "Sunset" // "Werewolf"

It keeps you anticipating for the first minute, wondering where it will go, until it unloads with heavy bass and ambient beats. This is the first track of the bands first effort, Moonlight EP, and its pixelated, trippy vibe continues throughout. Solid debut. I'll include the first two tracks so you get a more complete taste. 

With You. - "Ghost (feat. Vince Staples)"

Staples raps over the low key muffled beat like it was one of his own. It's strangely addicting as the sort of monotonous flow puts you in a trance. With You. has only released a few singles to date so to put a stamp on their sound just yet would be naive, however, I like what I've heard so far.   

St. Lucia - "Physical"

Is there anything better than a great December dance track? Leave it up to St. Lucia to provide us with a nice boost just before Christmas! After releasing one of, if not THE funnest album of 2014 in When The Night, they continued the groove in 2015 with a couple more dance-centric tracks. If you're having a bad day look no further. Here's their latest.

Chance The Rapper - "Somewhere In Paradise (feat. Jerimih & R. Kelly)"

If you listen to chance you most likely love him. His delivery always feels like he's genuinely enjoying himself while his flow is both unorthodox and addictive. He's one of the most exciting rappers to come along in awhile and I can't wait for his album in 2016. This song features Jerimih and R. Kelly, both of whom also released new albums this month. Like usual the track boasts a positive message along with a positive sound, trumpets abound! Listen up

Joyner Lucas - "Jumanji"

I know I know I'm a month late to the party but I honestly haven't heard a hip hop track more on fire all year. Lucas released a long awaited debut album earlier this year and he didn't disappoint. Having said that, this track right here is better than everything on Along Came Joyner. Straight up. Even after his his destruction of Nox Beatz's production he adds icing to the cake by letting Busta Rhymes finish off the track. Seriously. Get on this. This guy is the future. 

Astrid S - "Paper Thin" (Live From Studio)

Up until now most of her tracks have been backed by a heavy bass and a beat pad so it was nice to see her showcase a different side of her sound with "Paper Thin". Much like the 2015 EP I loved from Cloves (XIII), it's her music broken down to it's most simple form, emotional and real. She released a spectacular live from studio version of another track, "Hyde" earlier this year as well, which I much preferred to the original. While I'm partial to this side of her as an artist she rocks both styles and I can say without a doubt that she is going to be big. Her debut album should drop sometime next year. If you want a taste of her EDM based sound you can scroll down to a single I posted earlier this month, "Running" by Matoma, where she is the featured singer. 

MIAMIGO - “Nobody”

I’m a real sucker for a modernized 80’s vibe. The sound sports a classic synth pop vibe, the melody is catchy and fun, but overall sexy and lush. I love it. With this song we get a nice combination of both. The entire EP is worth your time, it’s relaxed, fresh, and it’s called Soda Lime Love for goodness sakes! The person that says no to that is a person I don’t want to know! Seriously, check it out. It’s four songs, what else do you have to do?

Tall Heights - "Spirit Cold" 

This single, or more specifically this EP (Holding On, Holding Out), has taken me over. Coming out at the perfect time, it will be one of the artists I keep in rotation during this fall/winter season. Each track provides me with feelings of warmth and love, though it doesn't hurt that I'm sitting in front of a fire with hot chocolate in my mug with it on loop. All I'm missing is a loving puppy on my lap. I thought about saying loving woman but I didn't want to get carried away. Give this one a listen, you won't regret it. In addition to the opening track I've included the final track, though I'm hoping you get there on your own when you listen to the whole thing! 

AURORA - "Half The World Away"

I love this girl. Every single has me wanting for more. Instrumentally her music often carries a certain mysticism to it, lyrically she's sweet just as easily as she is sinister. She's young and still exploring herself and I'm excited to see where she takes her sound. Based on what we've been given so far I see a long career ahead of her. This single is simple and moving, a nice departure from the two tracks I posted prior to this. If you like what you hear, check out her EP Running With The Wolves from earlier this year.

Chairlift - "Romeo"

Well we're off to quite a start this December in terms of singles! Chairlift has been quiet since their 2012 record Something and it seems for good reason as they've been busy expanding their sound to spectacular territories. This is the third single they've released in 2015 and if I'm basing my judgement on those alone their new album Moth (coming this January) could be one we're listening to all year. It's fun, it's catchy, it's groovy, and all you have to do is press play! Get on it.

Lucius - "Born Again Teen"

Go. Go right now and listen. Don't even read the rest of this. I honestly like this track better than anything on their debut album from last year, Wildewoman, and I loved that album. It's almost a complete departure from their initial style but trust me if you enjoyed their previous stuff this will take no time to fall in love with. It's upbeat, fun, and the harmonies are on point as always. I'll wait a few weeks (because that's all the time we have left this year!) to see if it has staying power but this could be one of my favorite singles of the year. 

Matoma - "Running Out" // Kygo - "Stay"

Matoma and Kygo seem to be following the same career path. Both graduated from killing it on the remix scene to producing originals for up and coming artists (where they maintained killing it) and now it seems neither wants to release an album but rather constantly flood the industry with single after single. You already dig them both, you've already listened to their hits, so I'll just go ahead and place their two latest below. Let the slick times roll. 

Santigold - "Can't Get Enough Of Myself (feat. B.C)" 

It's been a long four years since our sweet Santi gave us a new album but fear not people because the wait is OVER. Her new album 99¢ is scheduled to drop January 22nd and I can't think of a better way to start the year! She's already released two singles, one of which I like very much! The latest single "Who Be Lovin Me" features help from ILOVEMAKONNEN (whom I tolerate) so it was the first single "Can't Get Enough Of Myself" that has me aching for more. I'll post both here. 

Rick Ross - "Crocodile Python"

Rick Ross has always been pretty hit or miss with me. It seems like every other album he comes out firing. From the sound of the tracks he's released, the upcoming Black Market will be in the hit column. This is latest single to come before the album's release this Friday (12/4) and honestly my favorite song he's released in quite some time. Don't hesitate to check it out