January Singles (2016)

Flume - "Smoke & Retribution" (feat. Vince Staples & Kučka)

Isn't it great to hear Vince again? Nod for me. Thank you. Now, let's talk Flume. He's one of my favorite electronic artists working today (shout out to 20syl and Ta-Ku as well). His last full length was all the way back in 2012 (the excellent self-titled Flume) and here I am four years later still listening to it regularly. Since then he's been assisting other artists, putting out remixes (here's last years remix of Lorde's "Tennis Court"), handling his side project What So Not with fellow producer Emoh Instead (though Flume has since quit the group), and last but not least, working on new material, material that we're FINALLY starting to see! He released an album mashup that previewed his upcoming release but I always found it hard to judge samples, so for right now I'm sticking to the singles.  And with that being said here you go...actually, one more thing. In 2013 Flume released a hip hop heavy Deluxe Version of his debut album which brought in a ton of artists for new features and a reworked order that flows oh-so-nicely. Excellent stuff. Go go go.

Massive Attack - "Take It There" (feat. Tricky and 3D)

Massive Attack's long, beautiful, troubled history is a story for another time. Founding members Daddy G, 3D, and kind-of Tricky (technically he was there from the start but stopped working with them regularly after the first few records) have never gotten along very well, which has led to numerous problems, including multiple break ups leading to ample time time apart. Who wants to read about all that junk though? When they release a full album you can expect a pretty significant post, but for now? Check out this track and the rest of the EP, Ritual Spirit. It's beautiful to have them back, cloud nine is where I'll take my nap today.

MOTHXR - "She Can't Tell"

Honestly, they're putting out new singles each week and it's taking all my will power not to post every damn one. With my singles page I like to feature an artist once, maybe twice, but mostly I want as diverse an array as possible. Having said that here is another single from MOTHXR, whose album, Centerfold, drops February 26, a date which can't come soon enough. I love their sound, I love their approach, this track is no exception. Their debut is one of my most anticipated of the year and from what I've heard we're in store for a real treat. Sexy and smooth is my grind! 

Ray LaMontagne - "Part One - Hey, No Pressure"

If this is only part one then we're in for a real treat this year. Ray's latest single, and his first since his last album, 2014's Supernova, is the best thing I've heard in a long time. At almost seven minutes he's not messing around; we get it all as his soulful tone inspires "anything you want your life to mean, it can mean", backed by a ruff, bluesy rock sound that explodes over the last minute. At this point I can only hope for an infinite amount of parts. 2016 is gonna be sweet.

Modern Space - "Carpet Diamonds"

Disappointed by the lack of upbeat beach rock coming out of Canada?? Thought so. Lucky for both of us Modern Space just dropped their new EP Before Sunrise. After releasing a few singles in 2015 they finally hit us with this seven song collection, giving us a look at what a full length record might resemble. Lead singer Sean Watson Graham's muffled rasp sounds great over their catchy alt rock as well as toned down efforts like "Little Lies". I could see these guys really catching on in the way that groups like Foster The People and Grouplove have. Good stuff here.

Tiggs da Author- “Run”

The best song on FIFA 16 has finally been released as a single and if it isn’t the most fun you’ve had all year then please direct me to what you’re listening to because I need that too. He has a lightness and sincerity to his soulful style, which is so refreshing in a sea of overproduced dance tracks that take themselves way too seriously. He genuinely sounds like he's having fun, which is becoming a rarity. His first single, 2015’s “Georgia”, is also something that should be on your radar. Tiggs is the real deal people. In a few months you won't be able to escape this groove, nor will you want to!

Mothers - “Copper Mines”

This is the second single from their upcoming debut album When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, which drops February 26th!). This song fed me many different ways on many different listens. Front woman Kristine Leschper’s voice cracks over a steady guitar to open the track but once it hits the minute mark it let’s loose and never seems to visit the same place again, I love it. There is both a brokenness and a fierceness to the delivery here and I really enjoyed the overall tone. Can’t wait to see what this crew from Athens, GA gives us on the full length. 

20syl - "Inertia"

Simply put, he's my favorite DJ working right now. He releases a steady stream of remixes, is one fourth of DJ supergroup C2C, and put out spectacular solo EPs in 2014 and 2015 (Motifs I and Motifs II). I'm praying this single is a sign of an upcoming full length and it could very well be as he stated that his resolution this year was to only release original material and no remixes! This track keeps things upbeat, but in a head bob and vibe to the beat fashion rather than an "I want to get up and dance!" feel. Just press play and see for yourself! I shouldn't even have written anything, just listen already!

Anderson Paak - “Come Down”

Start off your Tuesday right! Hip hop/ soul man Anderson Paak, who’s album Malibu drops this Friday, released one more single to further convince me that this record is going to be all we’ll need to get us up and grooving. After his solid debut, 2014’s Venice, he didn’t waste any time getting right back at it. His style is fun and infectious and after the recent passing of everyone’s favorite alien rock star this album sounds like just what we need. Boogie on you dancing’ fools.

Pell - "Pretty Things"

After Pell rocked my super comfortable socks with his sophomore release LIMBO, I thought he’d disappear for a bit. I was wrong. After less than two months he’s back at it with a new single that he and his brother put together after they were inspired by listening to Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreaks. As a result he deals in a much more somber tone, different from the mostly uptempo vibe he sported on the album. It’s serene and dreamy, so grab a drink, hit play, relax, and repeat. This just speaks to his versatility as an artist and I hope he incorporates more sounds like this one his next record, whenever that may be. No need to rush it though, LIMBO and I still have a lot of quality time to spend with each other. 

White Denim - "Holda You (I'm Psycho)"

I haven't heard a track this fun in awhile. Austin outfit White Denim has made a career out of their unpolished and frantic bluesy rock, though this time they slide into more of a rockabilly vibe. This is the first single released for their upcoming album, Stiff, due out March 26th. I've always closely linked them to The Black Keys in terms of style but it looks like they've retrofitted their model a bit and are trying a slightly different direction. I'm all for it. I hope the rest of the album sounds as good as this track and if that is the case then March can't come soon enough.  

Savages - "Adore"

Dark and brooding, "Adore" is not the song to compliment your casual Sunday. Contemplating the mistakes within a relationship coupled she is stuck with lingering lust and wreckage that now consumes her. Taking you into her mind, down to the depths of her pain. It's a beautifully haunting portrait. This is Savages third and final single before their sophomore album, Adore Life, which drops on the 22nd of this month! It's gonna be loud and it's gonna be grimy. Get up to get down!

Yeasayer - "I Am Chemistry"

Single of the year so far...wait, can I even claim something like that after eight days? Nine days? What day is it? Forget it, I'm doing it. My life is bold statement. Back 2 Yeasayer. Their first release of new material since 2012 couldn't have me more excited. Right off the bat you feel a slight change in their sound, this time opting for a modernized renaissance vibe with an alternative backdrop. The joy here is their transition to the electro infused bridge, which they build and roll out of in a way I didn't expect, intrigue! At it's core we're given masterful song structure and a brand new vision, I can't wait to see what's next. Their forthcoming album, Amen & Goodbye, drops April 1st (please don't be a joke). Get acquainted.

Tracklist, music video, and more can be found at Consequence of Sound!

Wet - "All The Ways"

January seems to be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to new singles. Everyone is on their game to start off the new year and I pray this trend continues. "All The Ways" is my favorite single to come from this crew. Simple and melodic, they keep in line with their overcast sound but this time with a little more bounce. After releasing a series of singles in 2015 they're finally ready to release their album later this month (pre-order is available now)! 

For those of you in the LA area they have a show at the Lyric Theatre on February 15 and the Echo the following night. 

Sia - "Reaper"

I usually try to hold off on promoting big stars in my singles section due to the simple fact that you will hear this song whether I talk about it or not BUT here is Sia's latest single because I break rules, all the rules. Bad boy 4 lyf. Also Sia has been releasing singles for her upcoming album like a madwoman and this one has been my favorite. It's relaxed, different, lyrically poetic, and her voice is exactly the type of uniqueness I adore in the pop world. I'll talk much more about her excellence when I review the album, which I don't see topping last years stellar 1000 Forms Of Fear, but am excited for nonetheless. 

Les Gordon - "Atlas"

Les was busy in 2015, releasing three EP's. The final one, and his best in my opinion, was Kitsune: Atlas. The sound is catchy and playful, I definitely feel Odesza's vibe present, and the track "Magma" has Clean Bandit written all over it. Each song offers a different tweak to his sound and that's why I was so drawn to it. He maintains his style while giving life to different avenues within that style; staying fresh, new, and most importantly, keeping the body grooving. I chose the first song in hopes that you'll just let the whole EP play, though I'd have to say my favorite song is "Brume". No matter the track, it's relaxing yet keeps your mind at work. Let it wash over you. 

Joni Payne - "Must Have" // "Contemporary Love"

The only reason Joni hasn't been mentioned is that all her songs came out before I started this site but due to my semi obsession I figured it was about time she got a shout out. While she has yet to release her debut album, which I'm hoping comes out this year, we did get a taste in the form of three singles released in 2015. She hit us with "Must Have" back in August and I've been salivating ever since. It's sexy, slow and methodical in it's approach. Listening now in the rain has only added to it's allure. You could slide it into Alina Baraz and Galimatias' consuming Urban Flora album, one of my 2015 favorites, and I'd be none the wiser. Since then she's released two tracks, a dreamy reimagining of Al Green's "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" and another original, "Contemporary Love", which I'll post as well. Her sound is intimate and sensuous. I can't get enough.  

Birdy - "Keeping Your Head Up"

Though her start came from intimate reimaginings of other artists work, she's now a bonafide star in her own right after 2013's Fire Within. With this single she plunges into a different territory, exploring a louder, pop centric sound. You don't really need me to tell you about this song, I'm sure you all already listen to her. I like her quite a bit though, so the inclusion is more out of respect! Listen and love!   

Ra Ra Riot - "Absolutely"

I'm starting the year off with one of my favorite pick me up bands! Ra Ra Riot always has the ability to make me feel good. Whichever direction their music has taken over the last few years I've always been able to find joy in them. This song is no exception, and gives me hope after their last single, "Water", felt a bit lacking. Their sound here is upbeat, optimistic, and full of joy. Not a bad way to welcome in the new year. Check it bruh