Kingston - "Sole Lovers"

This quartet comes to us from Auckland, NZ, a city that's provided us with a number of great releases this year, most notably Miloux's debut EP 1. This release, the five track Sole Lovers, came out a little over a month ago and I made a note of it but never got around to saying anything. I was busy, I'M SORRY. I'll start by saying I dig this. Easy going indie pop outfit with a nice coastal vibe, so for us Californians who are still transitioning out of summer (especially with the weather making that difficult), this is a perfect vibe. 

Sole Lovers throws out quite a few ideas but they never seem to stretch you too far, always keeping within the beachy mood. Just listen to the breezy and smooth opener, "Sole Lovers," followed by the EP's lead single, the fun loving, beat driven "Trying" or the dreamy "Real Love" coupled with disco flavored "Late Night Caller." Though they all inspire different moods, they all flow together with ease. Good stuff here.