Little Mix - "Shout Out to My Ex"

I rarely talk about pop music on the site because one, it's already hugely popular so there's no need to mention it, and two, I don't think it's what you guys visit the site for. HOWEVER, as I've mentioned this many-a-time,  I love pop music. It's catchy, fun, and the bubbly disposition just makes you happy! Granted, there have been a number of serious songs from these artists that carry more depth than we often give the genre credit for, but despite the often disrespect from serious music fans, I think this music does a lot of good for a lot of people. And with worldwide sensations like Beyonce and Rihanna actively looking to challenge the format of their genre altogether, we could see a shift in style and the definition of pop could blend into other classifications. 

Enough of that though, of the countless pop groups that come and go each year, Little Mix is one I always enjoy. The foursome that makes up this pop quartet are all so talented and seem to have a really strong connection with each other and it shows in their sound. They just enjoy what they do and you feel it. Their newest single, "Shout Out to My Ex" keeps in line with that. It's light and lively and I love it *snaps fingers, demands respect*. I'm glad they exist. As far as traditional pop options go, they're in the top tier for me. 

If you like their sound, last years Get Weird was a real treat. Tons of candy spread out across the 16 track deluxe edition. "Grown" and "The End" are two of my favorites!