Mouthe - "Danny Glover" // "Limitless"

Mouthe is up there among my favorite projects to emerge in 2016, partly because it's an absolute mystery. I wrote about them earlier in the year, and it brings me nothing but joy to be able to do it again. There's still no major release in the books, but as long as they keep putting music out, that doesn't really matter. 

With their dark sounds, heavy beats, the monotone baritone delivery, complete with glitches and voice modulation, it hypnotizes the listener. This two song release is no different. It's like trap music fused with ambient instincts, created in a room with no light. I bet that made so much sense to you. Just listen to the tracks and be happy that this duo is on their way to changing the definition of trap music (aka making it listenable for me).

To learn more, here's an insight into their creative process for creation of "Danny Glover."