Justice - "Alakazam !"

Often likened to Daft Punk, and almost as fresh, Justice is the OTHER electro DJ duo who hails from France. "Alakazam !" is their third, and what I assume will be their final, single in support of their upcoming LP, Woman, due out November 18th! 

While Justice's previous LPs, 2007's and 2011's Audio, Video, Disco were good, the two live albums following each LP have been incredible, which I think really speaks to the talents of this two headed beast. Often featuring funk and disco, their signature style is back and better than ever on "Alakazam !," which, along with the other two singles, "Randy" and "Safe and Sound," have me jumping up and down waiting for the record. This holiday season is going to be an all out GROOVE. And when that tour rolls around?? GAME OVER. See you on the dance floor.

Here's those two live albums I mentioned. Go ahead, tease yourself, have a little fun, and then I dare you not buy a ticket when they come around next.