LÉON - "Think About You"

Swedish pop artist LÉON broke onto the scene last year with the release of "Tired Of Talking," a single off the Treasure EP. "Think About You" is the first follow up to that. It has a natural feel, and despite her state of limbo in regards to a relationship, warmth. More so than anything on the EP; though if I were to compare it anything it would be "LÉON's Lullaby" (which is my favorite track on the EP). The soulfulness in her voice, and comfort in the lower register, makes for a smooth and easy listen. 

This is the lead single off her forthcoming debut LP. While she didn't release a title or a specific date, it's definitely in the works. She definitely has the potential to do some great things, and I'm excited to hear what her album will sound like. For now though, we have "Think About You."