Run The Jewels - "Talk To Me"

THEY ARE BACK! Partners in crime El-P and Killer Mike just dropped their first single for their upcoming third LP, RTJ3. Despite having more hype than ever they are unfazed, packing so much heat they might as well be a volcano, this song teasing the inevitable eruption upon the albums release. I haven't listened to any artist more since their emergence back in 2013. From their lyrics to their beats, they are pure power. Articulate, conscious, funny, relevant, the list goes on. If you haven't heard them by now, check out their second album to the right. Prepare yourself, this duo is here to stay.

Main production, as always, comes courtesy of El-P, with assistance from Little Shalimar and Wilder Zoby, which is no surprise since these three have been the only men involved in the beats since day one, the main reason for the insane consistency. Killer Mike comes out the gates like a mad man; every time he opens his mouth is enough reason for me to drop everything, and El-P's "my dick got a Michelin star, I'm on par with the best ever" makes me laugh every time I hear it. They've done their job. 

No word yet on when the album will drop, they've finished recording but now have to bring everything together, which could be awhile. I'll keep you guys updated. If "Talk To Me" told us anything, RTJ3 is going to be worth the wait.