Sevdaliza - "Time"

Haunting. To the max. There is a sinister sense of longing throughout, and yet you can't pull yourself away. I was absolutely hypnotized by this new single from Sevdaliza, though I'm not surprised considering everything she's released so far has had that effect. Both her EPs last year, the first, The Suspended Kid, and it's follow up Children of Silk, carry the confidence and emotional rawness of a seasoned artist. An impressive feat, considering she had to teach herself everything from scratch when she began her journey a few years ago. 

The Iranian born, Netherlands raised singer (and former player for the Dutch national basketball team), doesn't seem to reveal much when it comes to discussing her music, rather letting the listener take it in, in the way they see fit. It's a commendable approach, letting the music be what each person needs it to be, rather than it holding a specific tone. While her vibe sits comfortably in the realm of industrial R&B (think FKA twigs), her desire to challenge and expand is evident, even with the small sample size we've been given. Whatever's next, I'm sure it will leave a mark.

Also, her music videos are...something else. Encompassing the feel of the music while transporting you somewhere else. The striking and futuristic imagery provokes and captivates. But how about I stop talking and just post one below. Enjoy