Charlotte Day Wilson - CDW

Now that we've gotten a few days of fall under our belts, and I literally mean a few, like two days...three tops, because Southern California doesn't truly commit to any season that isn't summer. Which, you know, is fine...ANYWAY, now that it's supposed to be fall I feel inclined to enjoy fall sounds; enter Charlotte Day Wilson. 

I could have sworn I'd written about her when her EP CDW dropped in August, but I went back and found that I definitely did not. I'm embarrassed. Then again, it seems a more fitting time of year for her slow burn, soul/ R&B combo pack. The Toronto native's, who gave up a promising career in hockey to pursue music, has a maturity not usually found in younger artists. Every time I listen to the EP I get waves of Jessie Ware. Her style, delivery, and presence, are reminiscent of Jessie's, or, to a lesser extent, fellow up and comer Connie Constance, which puts her in pretty special company. 

One thing I enjoyed (out of many) was the careful structure of the EP. It's built like an album would be, a definitive beginning, middle, and end. Often times with EPs it's just a way to get songs out into the open, to garner interest in the eventual LP. So when artists take the time to build something complete, it makes me really happy. As for the music itself, I'd say that "Find You" is my favorite track (especially how it drifts into the closer "Reprise"), but I should also note that every time I listen, I just start at the beginning and let it play through. You should do the same. It's 20 minutes, you have the time.