The Shins - "Dead Alive"

While I know The Shins are working on their upcoming album, I had to double check to make sure that this single wasn't just a holiday treat, and actually was the lead single to support the LP, their fifth. "Dead Alive" features the signature poetry from frontman James Mercer, along with the bubbly, retro modern alternative sounds that have long defined them. And I am NOT complaining. 

This has been one of my favorite groups since their inception, with 2007's Wincing The Night Away being not just my favorite of theirs, but one of my favorite records of all time. The new album, which is said to come out early next year, is said to follow more along the footsteps of 2012's Port of Morrow, than their first three. Doesn't matter to me, these guys can do no wrong, as long as they bring on the grooves.