This American Life (Sara Bareilles, Leslie Odom Jr. - "Seriously")

Some of you may be familiar with the the popular show This American Life (if not, here you go CLICK ME), a weekly, 60 minute radio program hosted by Ira Glass; generally featuring non-fiction stories and happenings by different contributors, it consists of any and all subject matters (and the award for vaguest show description goes to....). The show is consistent and interesting, and though I don't agree with everything Ira Glass has to say, he is intelligent, thought provoking and generally open minded, making for an excellent host.

On the latest episode, Sara Bareilles was asked to pen a song about President Obama's mindset during the current election. She did, and brought in Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. to sing it. Whether or not you agree with the songs political message, the words are not as in-your-face as you might expect, making it easy for someone like me who, while agreeing with the message, doesn't usually enjoy blatant political messages through song, to enjoy. Then again, with how good this track is, I doubt any subject matter would have deterred me from enjoying this.

Bareilles instrumentation, along with Odom Jr.'s vocal arrangement's are nothing short of spectacular. It might sound weird to list this as one of my favorite singles of the year, but after listening to it upwards of 20 times (and this is only the first day it's been out) I don't see myself ever tiring of it. Bareilles deserves far more credit then she gets, as I think she's one of the best artists working today, and this track proves both hers, and Odom Jr.'s talent. Listen and enjoy.