Elohim - "Hallucinating"

Elohim translates to God in Hebrew, which is a hefty statement even before the music starts to play. But to call her anything else would be impossible, as the moniker is the only name we have for this LA based electro-pop artist. She's kept an air of mystery surrounding her persona, hiding her face (a la Sia, or more successfully al la Daft Punk) and keeping any personal information under lock and key. Whether this method has staying power remains to be seen; I like that though, let the music speak I say! Elohim, her self titled debut EP came out earlier this year. It was solid, and there was plenty of depth considering it was her first official release.  

Singing just above a whisper, the softness in her voice is soothing, and while many of the tracks on the EP follow a more down tempo pattern, tracks like "Pigments" lift you out of that and into a more dream like setting. Her beats are layered and meticulous, industrial at times, and it makes for a compelling listen. Her talent is no joke, and her acoustic versions of "Sensations" and "Xanax" prove that her skills run much deeper than just a solid producer. 

"Hallucinating" has a different feel than her other tracks. It's noticeably lighter, instantly reminding me of Oh Land's self titled sophomore album. The melody is infectious, especially when she breaks free of the steady beat and the Spanish influence kicks in (she released a 'mariachi version' that I think is even better than the original, I'll include it below); the violins that hop in at the end are just icing on the cake.