Cool Company - "Faded"

Brooklyn duo Cool Company is too slick to go unnoticed, so hopefully the recent release of their second LP, Slice of Paradise, will turn some heads. Blending a handful of genres could produce varied results, sometimes doing too much sounds like...too much, other times it sounds like this -------------->>>

I don't always get around to reviewing every album, and this one snuck up on me a bit, so in the event that I don't give a full review, at the very least I need to get some love out there for it. While everyone's been on that Bon Iver grind I've been grooving to Solange's latest, and Slice of Paradise complements that mood perfectly. 

While the album is three or four songs too long, there's so much to love here that it long overshadows the missteps. Whether it be the traditional R&B vibe on "Tuck You In," the velvety hip hop feel of "Habit" or the jazzy single I've chosen to rep the album, "Faded," it's all not to be missed. I think if I could choose one word to describe the record, it would be 'smooth.' Is that really a surprise though? I can't expect anything less from a group called Cool Company. 

As I'm writing and listening I realized I just can't limit myself to one single, so here's the title track, "Slice of Paradise." It's creamy. Get on it. Can't wait to listen with Alice. This music will give us all the warmth we need. I'm mostly saying that so she'll stop wearing this jacket everywhere. You're cute babe, and I love you, but like...we live in California.