Izo FitzRoy - "Here I Come (Moods Remix)"

About two months ago Izo FitzRoy released her second single in support of her upcoming debut LP Skyline, out this coming January. The single, "Here I Come," is a jam and then some! Izo's throwback soul style, the raspy power vocals and funky baseline is enough for you to commit fully. While the original is enough to get you curious, the real treat is the Moods remix which goes full 70's style, but with modern instincts, taking this groove to new heights.

Her first single, "Reckoning," is more of a slow burn, but all you need is Izo's voice to keep you moving. You can just picture her in a smoky club, scotch in your hand, your eyes and ears given no choice but cast your full attention to the stage. In addition, the band she's put together is top notch, matching her at every turn. 

I'd also like to mention, one single she hasn't officially released, but has made the rounds with via a live version, is the title track "Skyline." Here's one of those live versions, and also my favorite of the tracks she's released. Enjoy!