Childish Gambino - "Me and Your Mama"

It hasn't taken long for Childish Gambino to emerge as one of the most diverse and creative artists in not only music, but across all platforms. So often actors who do comedy have a hard time being recognized when they cross over into more serious fair, but Donald Glover, the man behind the moniker, has transcended that completely. After his second LP, 2013's Because The Internet, he went from an actor who rapped, to a rapper who acts. Then he blew us all away as the creator/ writer of the FX hit Atlanta, and now...he's just an artist who works. The guy can do it all, and do it all really really well. 

"Me and Your Mama" is the first single of his upcoming Christmas gift to us all, his third LPAwaken, My Love!, available December 2nd. The track actually strays away from his hip hop sound, going more the James Brown route, as he screams raspy declarations of love over a soulful and dreamy backing. Where many rappers would falter in this approach (please PLEASE start rapping again Cudi) Gambino thrives, as his emotion and tone blends beautifully. He's on a sonic journey that seems to only birth originality, and I can't wait to see what he's got in store for us.