Daniel Trakell - "All We Do"

Another late September gem, courtesy of Melbourne based artist Daniel Trakell, is the acoustic soother "All We Do." I know I speak a lot of progression in music, new sounds, new approaches, but there's is something undeniably charming about the classic bare bones, man and his guitar approach. While it could be easily categorized as 'something we've all heard before,' there's a warmness to its steadiness. Much like offerings from The Paper Kites and the like, it's perfect for laying under a tree on a nice fall day and relaxing with a book. Who doesn't crave that day? Exactly guys, exactly.

He has one other single from earlier this year, the piano led "Wasted Light," which features a surprisingly nice expansion at the end, giving me a little, dare I say it, Beatles vibe...check them both out, see what you think. I'd imagine we're looking at an EP of some sort to drop in the coming months, so stay tuned.