Rationale - "Prodigal Son"

It's been awhile since I've written about Rationale, a post which included some news that is WELL BEYOND OUTDATED (his debut LP was NOT released on September 23rd). Whether that was false information or it was simply pushed back I don't know, either way I'm sorry! I'll be better 4 u. All of u. 

Now, let's shake ourselves free of my deceit and celebrate that he's released a new single, "Prodigal Son," and that he has a definitive release date for the album (March 3rd, 2017 / "we were SO wrong!"). This song keeps the tone of his previous work intact, his signature crisp vocals paired with synth heavy grooves, two attributes that make him easy to spot. Though his electronic sound may have you leaning towards a more dance based label, he packs real emotion into his songs, something that's often absent from the genre. 

It doesn't take long to recognize Rationale as the real deal, and if this single doesn't convince you, his 2015 EP Fuel To The Fire will. For those new listeners who are obsessed and think this four month wait will be the death of them, know that I've been coasting on the same four songs since last year. The seven we have available now will be more than enough.