Lizbet Sempa - "Deep Inside"

London based Lizbet Sempa reminds me of fellow Brit Connie Constance, especially when comparing Connie's "Lose My Mind," with Lizbet's previous single "Mistakes." But make no...mistake (wassup), Lizbet is very much her own presence. "Deep Inside" while not necessarily something new, definitely has a specificity to it, a life all it's own.

I don't know where I was when this single dropped last month but "Deep Inside" is a JAM. I love how the piano flutters behind the chorus, it's melody a bit dark, but paired with the catchy and lively vocals it turns into something more wondrous then sinister. It's a dance track for the cold, and I'm hooked. 

While there's no telling the direction she will take with her music, based on such a small sample size, I really dig this track, along with the aforementioned "Mistakes," (which I'll post below). I can't wait to see what else she has coming. 2017 should prove bountiful.