Laura Mvula - "Show Me Love"

Earlier in the year, when I was caught up in Chance's Coloring Book and Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool (it's essentially all I listened to in May, June, July), Mvula snuck one of the best albums of the year into the mix. The Dreaming Room, her second studio album, is a work of magic. Unfortunately that magic wasn't recognized until a few months later, and by then I had too many other albums to write about (sO bUsY) that it was my noted appreciation was lost by the wayside. But, as fate would have it, I've been gifted a second chance, as she's released a special edition today. 

While my forthcoming review will be bountiful in it's affections, I will say here, now, that her ability to make the grandiose feel so natural and grounded is a gift that few possess. With all that I consume, I can think of no other artist who sounds quite like her. This single I'm posting is the first one she released in support of The Dreaming Room. "Show Me Love" embodies both the sentiment I attached to her and the record.