Laura Marling - "Soothing"

The feeling is in the name, "Soothing." It's an atmosphere that Laura is no stranger to, though her approach of it is constantly evolving. This single comes to us only a year after her last record, Short Movie, which saw the folk sound she had employed in her previous four albums dissolve in the presence of something louder, heavier. That album found a home in the top 20 of my Top 50 Albums of 2015 post, a feat that would have been accomplished by any of her albums.

The release of the single is a bit misleading, as the upcoming album, Semper Femina, Laura's 6th LP, isn't due to hit stores until next year (3/10/2017). But in the meantime, we have more than enough to weather the extended wait. As for the song itself, "Soothing" neither triggers her old sound, nor the sound she crafted with Short Movie. It gives off a feeling of brisk sensuality, with her voice, intimate as ever, she spins effortless poetry over sparse acoustics until we're hit with a sweeping, string led chorus. 

She is forever one of my all time favorites and I'm past the point of wondering whether or not I'll like what she puts out next, now I just sit and wait for her next endeavor to educate, expand, and embolden me.