Overcoats - "Nighttime Hunger"

While I confess that I do my best to maintain relevance, sometimes really good songs slip through my fingers, "Nighttime Hunger" is one of those tracks. Released way back in February of this year, it was the fifth single (but first of 2016) released by east coast duo Overcoats. 

The track starts small, simplistic and melodic, but also unconventional, before building tot a fullness to finish us off. There is a scarcity in their down tempo sound, but the calculated structure leaves us wanting for nothing, and the mood they conjure is smooth and sensual. They draw similarities to a few different groups, Sylvan Esso being the one that hit me first, though I would say overall there is a uniqueness in their craft, and that's enough to force me to keep a close eye on their progress. I'm really excited, and optimistic, about the future of Overcoats, and you should be too.

Of the four singles released in 2015, I'd say the lullaby-esque "Walk On" takes the cake, which I'll post below as well. More importantly, if you like their sound, I'm happy to say there isn't a single miss among the five tracks. Great stuff. Enjoy.