Noname - "Yesterday"

I've been listening to Chicago rapper Noname's debut, Telefone, a decent amount lately, and I went back to see if I had mentioned it at all when it came out. I didn't. It came out in August. For shame Spenser! FOR SHAME. In light of this, I thought I'd just throw the first track, "Yesterday," in the singles section so you guys: A) listen to it, or B) if you already listen to it, you now know I do too, and we have a connection that will never be broken <3.

The album is carries such a lightness, it's as soothing a hip-hop release as I've heard. Listen to the main single, "Diddy Bop," and float away to a beat that carries memories of Usher's "Climax," while Noname and company sooth us with their relaxed flows. Minimal could honestly be the main theme here, and in this case, it speaks louder than if they had gone a more general route. There are a few similarities in style with fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper, who Noname has worked with  (Coloring Book - "Finish Line / Drown," Acid Rap - "Lost"). So if you're saying, "where do I know this voice from??" I'd hedge a bet that it was from there.

If you like "Yesterday," you will like the entire album. With her combining of R&B/ jazz/ and hip hop, but keeping the tones feathery and airy it makes it easy to put on morning, noon, or night. Which is something I do. And you should too.