Majik - "Real"

Majik made a small imprint on 2015's artists to watch with their double single release "It's Alright" / "Save Me." Now it's 2016 and they've thrown a couple more singles our way. The first, "Closer," a soft, The xx - like track, operates with blanketed comfort (the 'Skeleton Mix' offers a bare bones (get it) acoustic version). "Real" the most recent single, provides a similar feel, and with it they have solidified that the minimalist tone is the one they adhere to. While it's nothing new, when done well it's nice to hear, and the quiet, airy expanse at the chorus is one to note.

The self producing duo has been creating in makeshift studios, and I wonder if, with growing notoriety, that will change when it comes time to put out an EP or LP, and how that potential change would influence their intimate sound. "Real" is, like I said, simply good, but I need more. So, will I be playing this track years from now? No, I don't think so. But there is potential here, and they're a group I'll keep an eye out for.