Emilie & Ogden - "Blame"

Emilie & Ogden was one of the first artists I wrote about on this site back in my 2015 November Singles roundup. She had just released her debut album the month before, the gorgeous and deeply moving 10 000, and I was infatuated. I revisit it quite often, and my fondness still grows; so imagine my joy when I saw that she released a shortened, stripped down version of that record (similar to LIGHTS Little Machines/ Midnight Machines). 

10 000 Solo represents less than half of her 2015 release, but this five song EP packs a punch as strong as some full albums. The songs are a bare bones approach (hence the solo), but her delicate voice and ethereal harp playing captures you completely. It's amazing how affecting something so seemingly simple can be. Though, anyone familiar with the harp know that it's anything but simple.

I chose "Blame" as representation, but any track will do (the rain in the background of "White Lies" is such a poignant touch).